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At QuranTutorsOnline, we guide you and your children through each step of learning the Quran online with Tajweed. We are proud to be the leading online Quran teaching service, with over 1,100 registered students, more than 150 experienced Quran tutors, and over 113,000 Quran classes conducted. Our mission is to foster a deep and meaningful connection with the sacred teachings of the Quran.

Our platform is a pillar of knowledge, offering comprehensive Quran courses to kids, ladies, adults, and new Muslims across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Join us in learning the Quran with Tajweed and embarking on a transformative journey toward a richer understanding of the Quran. Together, let’s learn, grow, and connect with the timeless wisdom of the Holy Book.

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Start Your Quranic Journey with Our User-Friendly Platform. Discover the ease of learning the Quran online in just three straightforward steps, brought to you by QuranTutorsOnline. We make Quran learning accessible to every age group like never before.


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Complete the form below to schedule your free online Quran class with us. Our team will contact you on WhatsApp to confirm your trial class appointment


Attend Your Free Lesson

Join your free Quran lesson with an experienced and highly qualified Quran teacher at the scheduled time. No payment or credit card information is needed for the trial.


Register for the Full Course

After experiencing the demo class, select a suitable monthly plan, complete your registration, and gain full access to our comprehensive online Quran course.

Nurturing Quranic Wisdom for All Ages

Explore the sacred teachings of the Quran through tailored online courses designed for kids, adults, and ladies. Our personalized curriculum ensures an engaging and insightful learning experience for all.

Personalized Online Quran Classes for Kids

The "Basic Online Quran classes for beginners or kids" are crafted specifically for young learners who are new to Quranic studies or just beginning their journey… I'll write later..

Personalized Online Quran Classes for Adults

The "Online Quran classes for Adults" are designed for both brothers and sisters, providing an opportunity to learn the Quran with Tajweed and enhance recitation skills..

Exclusive Personalized Online Quran Classes for Ladies

The "Online Quran classes for ladies" are specially tailored for Muslim sisters who aim to deepen their understanding of the Quran and perfect their recitation..

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Top Ratings On Trustpilot

Our commitment to excellence has earned us top Trustpilot ratings, reflecting the trust of our customers.

Top Ratings On Trustpilot

Our commitment to excellence has earned us top Trustpilot ratings, reflecting the trust of our customers.




Learn the Advantages of Online Quran Classes

Why Opt for Online Quranic Learning?

For many beginners, regardless of age, starting Quranic studies can feel daunting. Traditional in-person classes at mosques or religious schools may not always be feasible or accessible for everyone.

Here’s why online Quran learning stands out:

Tailored One-on-One Sessions

Benefit from personalized attention and customized learning plans through individualized sessions, ensuring a superior educational experience.

Availability of Female Tutors

Easily access qualified female Quran teachers, addressing the shortage in certain areas and providing a comfortable learning environment for all students.

Adaptable Timetables

Enjoy the convenience of flexible scheduling, allowing you to integrate Quranic studies seamlessly into your busy life.

Learning from Home

Study from the comfort of your home, providing a stress-free and comfortable environment conducive to learning.

Budget-Friendly Classes

Benefit from affordable online Quran classes, which are less affected by inflation, making quality education accessible to all.


Registered Students


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Lessons Conducted

Our student Reviews

Javeria Imtiaz
Javeria Imtiaz
Read More
I enrolled my children in this online Quran academy, and I am extremely satisfied with the progress they have made. The teachers are knowledgeable, patient, and skilled in making the lessons engaging. My kids look forward to their classes every day. Highly recommended!
Usama Khan
Usama Khan
Read More
As an adult learner, I was hesitant to start online Quran classes. However, the structured curriculum and supportive environment at this academy have made my learning journey smooth and enjoyable. The flexibility of online lessons fits perfectly into my busy schedule. Thank you for this wonderful service!"
Read More
This online Quran academy has exceeded my expectations in every way. The teachers are not only well-versed in Quranic studies but also adept at using technology to make learning effective and fun. My understanding of the Quran has deepened significantly since I joined. I highly recommend this academy to everyone.
Abu R
Abu R
Read More
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn Quran online through this academy. The one-on-one sessions have been particularly beneficial, allowing me to progress at my own pace. The instructors are encouraging and always available to answer my questions. This has been a truly enriching experience
Hassan M.
Hassan M.
Read More
My experience with this online Quran academy has been outstanding. The teachers are experienced and compassionate, creating a welcoming atmosphere for students of all ages. The lessons are well-organized, and the interactive approach keeps me engaged. I highly recommend this academy to anyone seeking quality Quranic education

How to Learn Quran Online With Tajweed at QuranTutorsOnline

Tajweed, the art of precise Quranic pronunciation, is at the heart of our curriculum. Our expert teachers guide you through each step of your Quranic learning journey, from mastering the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation (Noorani Qaida) to applying Tajweed rules and refining your recitation skills. We also offer specialized courses in Quran memorization techniques, enabling students to memorize the Quran efficiently and accurately.

Advantages of Learning Quran Online With Us

Free Trial Classes with Various Teachers

Experience our teaching methods firsthand and choose the ideal tutor for your learning style before committing. This ensures you start your Quranic journey with confidence.

Affordable Fees

We strive to make Quranic education accessible to everyone. Our competitive pricing ensures that financial constraints do not impede your learning.

Experienced and Qualified Tutors

Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced instructors proficient in the Quran, Tajweed, and effective teaching methodologies, ensuring you receive an authentic and practical learning experience.

Dedicated Female Tutors for Women and Children

We provide sensitive and personalized instruction in a comfortable setting, ensuring that women and children feel secure and supported throughout their Quranic education. Our female teachers are experts in Quranic studies and are skilled at engaging students while respecting their individual learning needs. We offer qualified Arab and non-Arab female Quran teachers from various backgrounds, including Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Nigeria, Palestine, and Lebanon. We also have specialized female tutors for French and German-speaking students.

Optimal Age for Children to Start Quran Learning Classes

The earlier, the better! Research indicates that young minds are ideally suited for language acquisition and memorization. Introducing your child to the Quran at a young age fosters a lifelong connection and love for its teachings, enriching their spiritual and moral development.

Why Choose Our Online Quran Courses?

Our courses provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to learn from anywhere, at any time, and at your own pace. One-on-one attention from our expert tutors ensures personalized instruction, while our global community connects you with fellow students worldwide, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Steps to Start Learning the Quran with Tajweed

  1. Visit QuranTutorsOnline.com to explore our diverse course offerings.
  2. Book your FREE trial sessions to experience our teaching methods and find the perfect tutor.
  3. Embark on your Quran learning journey and begin your path to spiritual enlightenment and personal growth.

Why Learn the Quran Online for Children and Adults?

Online Quran study revolutionizes religious education, offering unprecedented access to Quranic teachings without geographical or scheduling constraints. Our platform removes the barriers to finding a local tutor, making it easier than ever to engage deeply with the Quran.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Quranic education accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. We believe that understanding and embodying the teachings of the Quran is a lifelong journey, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Reasons to Start Learning Quran with QuranTutorsOnline

Experienced Instructors

Benefit from instructors with over a decade of experience, ensuring high-quality education and deep understanding.

Language Options

We offer courses in multiple languages, making our instruction accessible to a diverse audience and accommodating various linguistic backgrounds.

Accessible Learning

No need to commute; our platform brings Quranic education to you, providing the flexibility to learn from anywhere.

Structured Curriculum

Our detailed and logically sequenced curriculum enhances understanding and retention of Quranic teachings.

Interactive Learning Tools

Utilize a variety of apps and software designed to meet students’ needs, making learning engaging and effective.

Affordable Costs

Our competitive pricing ensures that financial constraints allow you to access quality Quranic education.

Personalized Learning

Each student receives individualized attention, recognizing and catering to their unique learning needs.

Flexible Scheduling

We value your time and offer flexible scheduling to fit Quranic studies into your busy life seamlessly.

Progress Monitoring

We provide detailed progress reports to students and parents, helping track achievements and identify areas for improvement.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Our platform prioritizes safety, especially for women, offering a secure space for questions, discussions, and community engagement.

For All Ages and Backgrounds

Our programs are tailored for everyone—children, women, adults, and new Muslims—ensuring a suitable learning path for each individual.

Recorded Sessions

Sessions are recorded, allowing students to review lessons at their convenience and solidify their understanding.


Digital certificates are provided upon course completion, acknowledging your achievements and proficiency.

Quran Classes for New Muslims

Guiding the Spiritual Journey

We offer specialized attention and essential guidance to individuals who have recently embraced Islam, helping them navigate their new faith with confidence.

Accessible Introductory Courses

These courses, tailored for new Muslims, cover the basics of Islamic teachings and facilitate easy navigation through the Quran.

Privacy and Comfort

We ensure a private and respectful learning environment, allowing new Muslims to explore and understand their faith without feeling overwhelmed.














Our Services

We prioritize quality and strive for student satisfaction.

At our core, excellence and student happiness drive everything we do. Experience our commitment firsthand; join us on the journey to academic success.