About Carol

Hi! My name is Carol and I built this website to talk about different lifestyle issues, as well as talk about issues about our society. Nowadays, I’ve seen too many blogs that do not talk about things that are truly important for all of us. Our society really needs help and in order to improve things, we can slowly change our lifestyles for the better. This blog is not about me ranting what is wrong about our society or bashing the chosen lifestyle of others; what I want to convene towards people is that even though we are all different by nature, we can live together as one community and one society.

In short, this blog is all about healthy discussions on how to improve our society, as well as talk about lifestyle topics that can benefit everyone. And this is not just for all the single ladies like me, by the way! This blog is for everyone; it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, black or white, rich or poor. Everyone is welcome to read and be heard here!

If I’m not too busy trying the change the world, I’ll be out with my friends, read a book, or just go outside and play with my dog Chop.

Give me a shout out sometime if you have any questions and comments!