Hunger – Roxanne Gay against Society’s Will

When a person is stressed, he or she will try to find something to do in order to take his or her mind off things. One of the most popular ways to de-stress is eating. I have to strongly agree with this because it’s also a guilty pleasure of mine. And I’m pretty sure it’s not just me; as most people would proudly say on social media, food is life and that they don’t care if they gain a pound or two so long as they’re happy.

However, what happens when you’re taking eating for comfort too far? The most obvious reason would be to gain a lot of weight, of course. But what if a person is eating all that food in order to forget something so horrible with their past? What if that person is suffering an eating disorder just to cope with the pain and the terrible memories of an event so unspeakable that he or she never told anyone about it till the end?

How Not to Bend to Society’s Will

This is what shaped Roxanne Gay to become what she is today. The famous author of “Hunger” and a female activist who champions the rights of gay and African-American women, Roxanne is also a famous novelist and essayist and is well-known for being one of the heaviest authors around. Weighing in at around 577 pounds, she hates how society has turned to fat-shaming in order to force heavy people to lose some pounds for their own sake. “This is what most girls are taught; to be small and slender and that we should not take up space” she states

My Body, My Rules

She believes that people can do whatever they want with their body and that it is their responsibility to take care of it when something goes wrong with their health. The same holds true for women; if they’re happy with being on the heavy side, then let them.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska from parents of Haitian descent, Roxanne began writing essays during her teens. According to her memoir, she began writing as one of the ways to escape the horrors of a tragedy that took away her innocence at a young age.

Broken but Determined

Unknown to her parents, Roxanne was the victim of a sexual assault at age 12. The tragedy clearly broke her, but she persevered by promising to herself that no one should control the way she looks just because society wants all of its women to be thin all the time.

Until today, Roxanne Gay is still a true activist and feminist at heart. She still refuses to bend down to society’s will and still insists that women should stop trying too hard to become the ideal woman that everyone wants them to be.