Do you know the other phrase for “sabotaging your own future”? Making an excuse. If you want to make any kind of improvement on yourself, you have to get this monkey off your back. Because each time you do not do something about it, you will put it on someone or something. This will have you going around in circles and not really getting anywhere. But, making an excuse feels very much a part of us. If so, then how is it possible to curb this immense urge to not throw the blame on someone else and take the responsibility yourself? Well, this is what I am here for. I will coach you through it. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be free from this menace and be able to realize your full potential and live a better life.


Before tending to any problem, it is first important to realize that there is a problem. I have come across many people who blatantly deny making excuses, while continuing to make them. According to them, it is a rational argument that they are putting forward. So, the minute you think – “I did not do XYZ because….” – know that you are in the red zone.


Once you have accepted the fact that you are making excuses for activities or jobs that are beneficial for you, half the battle is won. I can speak from personal experience that this is the most difficult part. Once that is done, ask yourself what are the excuses that you make and why do you exactly make them. This will show you how these excuses are stopping you from having a better life. From getting up in the morning, to hitting the gym, you can make an excuse for anything. See, what you would have accomplished, had you not made those excuses.


There are many types of excuses. The one I used to use most frequently was that I don’t have enough time. Well, you always can make time, if you prioritize properly. That is what I have learnt. There are many other classics that include I do not have the money, the education, the energy, I am too old to change, to learn, and what not. One of the most intelligent excuses is – it is not the right time. You know what? There never will be and you know that too, but you reason with yourself into believing that there is some auspicious time to start something. Once you figure out how much of your life each of these excuses is taking away from you, you will stop making them.


To stop making excuses, it is important to cultivate certain qualities. You have to remain optimistic, confident, patient, and most importantly, persistent. Failure does not define you or gives you the free pass to run away from a similar opportunity in the future. Instead, it helps you to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can do the same job in a better way the next time.

There is really no excuse for an excuse ever. So never excuse yourself. You will improve on a variety of fronts immensely. You will find that there is so much to life. Moreover, it is an amazing feeling to have overcome a challenge, which you thought of excusing yourself from.

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