oye vey!

Doesn’t that go perfectly with how travel has become?  I used to toss stuff in a bag and hop on a plane.  No stress.  No worry.

Now everyone and their grandma has to deal with crap in getting from here to there.  Seriously, I saw an old old lady being pat down during my last trip.  They even wanted to confiscate her cane, saying it was a weapon. That caused quite a stir.

She ended up winning that argument.

Anyway, you’re wanting to know how to take the stress out of your travels.  Well, let me be of some assistance.

I have travelled all over the world.  And depending on the kind of travel you are embarking upon, there are some tips and tools that you’ll want to employ and some that won’t make sense.

Tip #1  Let your vacation commence as you lock your front door.  That moment you leave the house don’t walk to your car to drive to the airport.  Seriously.  Make getting to the airport easy.  If it’s just me, usually something like a Lincoln Town Car or Mercedes Sedan and if it’s my family we take something larger like an Cadillac Escalade or Limousine.  There’s nothing like letting someone else handle your bags from the get go, sit back and enjoy a ride without worrying about traffic.  And also avoiding Parking Lot C or D or E or whatever the way far away lot is that is for long term parking.

Tip #2  If you can fly first class.  DO IT!  Especially if you’re going overseas or major distances.  There’s more room, it’s better service and the chairs more often then not fold into complete beds or you are in your own pod.  Domestically it’s still great, but not quite as spectacular.  Also, when it comes to your bags, they allow a greater weight limit and the airlines that I’ve flown on don’t charge for the bags.  I do not know if that is the case with all carriers.

Tip #3  Get Priority Pass or some other lounge/club access.  This is complimentary with the Platinum Amex along with all the other great benefits.  There’s nothing like getting a little pampering in the midst of a serious travel day.  The lounges are world wide and all services within the facility are complimentary as well.  Plus it gives you a chance to get out from the craziness of the terminal.

Let’s get into some other tips.

Tip #4 Know the local carry on laws.  I recently left Mexico and apparently they have a “No Selfie Stick” carry on law.  I saw something hand written and ignored it.  Thinking it was nothing.  Nope.  When I went through the x-ray machine…beep!.  May we check your bag?  And then after 10 minutes of them searching all my stuff they confiscated the stick.  On a positive note, they let me keep the attachment part that holds the phone.  #winnng

Tip #5 Get Global Entry if you can (also a perk of Amex Platinum).  Global Entry includes TSA Pre-check, so getting through those nasty lines is much easier.  And you don’t have to take your shoes, belt or sweatshirt off.  Annnnnnd, you can leave your computer in the bag.  Awesome, right.

Most of these tips are based in normal or “classier” travelling trips.  What about if you are going on an excursion or a European Vacation?  Then there are some things that I would do differently.

Tip#6  Pack your clothes in Ziplock bags and squeeze the air out.  You’ll fit almost double the clothing.  And on that note, if you are going on an excursion, think about packing light.  It’ll make all the difference in the world.

Tip #7  Bring a easy to fold duffle bag that you can store in your bag or suitcase.  It’ll be awesome for when you find the bazillion souveniers that you want to bring home.  It also comes in handy if your one bag goes overweight and they want to charge you $100-150 as an extra bag fee.

Tip #8 I typically don’t bring shampoo and soap, etc.  When I’m on a trip I’ll stock up on the hotel ammenities.  But I do bring a portable water bottle.  When I’m out and about exploring a new city or country, having it has saved my tush more times then I’d care to say.

Tip #9  Bring snack bars or shakes.  I prefer the shake as it’s a healthier option with more nutrients, but you do have to mix it and it can leave your container dirty.  My shake of choice is shakeology which you can get here:  www.shakeology.com/jschlossberg and it’s definitely allowed to save money on my treks and stay healthy and fit.

Tip #10  Last one and then we are done.  Tip #3 Carry On if you can.  You’ll get out of the airport 10xs faster.  And even if it is slightly too big or you aren’t sure, bring it to the plane.  They’ll offer free gate check and you don’t have to pay the fee.  Also, if you have a baby or child with you, you can check your stroller and carseat either at the gate or at the counter for free.  I’ve seen people stuff so much extra stuff in the stroller and carseat bags.  #beattheweightlimit

Well, there you have it.  10 Tips to make your travel easier.

See you soon.

And Bon Voyage!

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