The myth

Restaurants cannot donate extra food at the end of the night to the homeless because it is illegal.

Where did this come about?  That’s a great question.  I know there is a fear in restaurants that has caused them to not give their leftovers away.  The fear is that if they do donate the food and someone gets ill, then they are held liable.

Now, whether or not this is something that got passed on as rumor to one day become truth, I don’t know.  I’ve worked in restaurants before and am very well aware of this.  I’ve even done my fair share of trying to get restaurants to give their extra bagels, potatoes, whatever so we could help out during the holidays.

Each and every time I received a big fat NO.

Well, why don’t you check out this article and see how the wool has been pulled over everyone’s eyes.  Read this now.

Guess what.  Don’t think I’m better either.  Up until last night, I was under the same guise as you.  I thought it was illegal.  And then I bumped into an old friend who is starting a movement.  He’s a server and the restaurant he works at has over 35 LBS of excess food thrown away every night.

That could feed a lot of people in need.  So, he told me more.  He’s starting with his restaurant and going to expand from there.

How is he able to do that?  Well, there’s a loophole.  Apparently, in 1996 a law was passed protecting anyone who donates as a Good Samaratin law.  How has this not caught on?  That means for the past 15+ years millions of pounds off food went to waste.

Did you wondering where the next meal will come from remains of the largest concerns for homeless and poverty stricken indivduals.


As someone who has been donating their time most of their life…and I mean that in the working with organizations, I have found a new place to which I am able to give back.  I am standing strong with my friend and going to help raise the awareness of this terrible misnomer that is running rampid in Los Angeles.

What can you do?

  • Join in the movement
  • Stop spreading the rumor
  • Educate others
  • Donate to our cause

If any of these stand out to you as something that you would like to do, then please contact me here.  Let me know how you think you could aid our fight.  Well, it’s not my fight, but I’m stepping up to plate.  No pun intended.

Now you can see that there are 100’s that stand with us in this fight.  Sure, we’ll be opposed.  And sure it’s not like taking candy from a baby.  But let’s give some to those that need it.

I’ve lived in Latin America for 4 summers and lived in rural villages speaking only Spanish and they had about the same amount as some of these that could benefit from this wasted food.  I don’t have to go 1000’s of miles away to make a difference and neither do you.

So, next time you are out to eat and it looks like they are dumping good food, grab the manager and offer some guidance.  Maybe your one effort could help many.

What are some othe organizations to look at:

  1. A Place Called Home
  2. Shelther Partnership, LLC
  3. Life Group LA Inc

Here’s a site that lists these places and a few more too:  Non-Profits

Keep up the good fight!

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