5 Books to Make Life Better

If you do not read, then you are losing out on the opportunity to live hundreds of lives though books. Life is too short to live through the myriad experiences it has to offer. That’s why we have books. They take us through shots of adventures and learnings that we may, otherwise, never come across. Reading encourages imagination, improves analytical thinking, ability to express oneself, and what not.

If you always wanted to read books, but could never put your finger on what to read, here is a list of ten books which are among the best teachers that you will ever find. These are in no particular order. Take a dive and enjoy.

The Alchemist

Published in 1988, the original version of the book is in Portuguese. This is a story of self-discovery, a small book with a big message. This masterpiece by Paulo Coelho will inspire you to take risks to pursue your dreams. The book is simple to read, but it speaks a lot to anyone who is ready to listen. It has inspired me in the darkest of days and I am pretty sure it will do the same for you as well.

Conversations with God

Irrespective of your religious beliefs or the lack of it, this book is worth your time. Written by Neil Donald Walsch and published in 1995, this book follows the conversations between a mortal and God. As you may have anticipated, it covers many topics that range from spirituality, love, to even politics and education. This book will make you question your environment, your world and even your very existence. Take this soul-searching journey today and get to know yourself better.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Interesting name, huh! Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of the book, has condensed his two long years’ worth of study in this interesting read. What you can find in this book is probably the answer to one of the most asked questions – How to make life more meaningful? ‘Flow’, as the author calls it, is the deep sense of absorption, which makes the life’s experiences more satisfying. Read this research based and interesting book on happiness to find your own recipe for a good life. It is a must read.

Sophie’s World

Another gem of a book, Sophie’s World, takes you on a journey with a teenage girl, Sophie Amundsen, and her rendezvous with a philosopher, who introduces her to the world of philosophy. As the book progressed, I got engrossed in it even more and more. It touched upon some of the most fundamental questions that we ask ourselves daily, such as who we are, about the world around us. It actually made me think about all this and much more. The book came out in 1991 and has been authored by Jostein Gaarder.

The Road Less Travelled

Written by M.Scott Peck in 1978, this is a non-fiction book. It analyzes the complex human emotions and concepts and puts forth the path to spiritual development. It took me a little more time to read this book, as it is more of a guide for having a fulfilled life, rather than a novel. However, the time spent on it was well worth it.

There are many more books out there that will make you think and take a harder look at your life. Some other titles that I would suggest are Life of Pi, The Giving Tree, The Red Tent, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Power of One, and Into the Wild. Do let me know how you liked them and your thoughts on them.

Finding time to read these books can be challenging too.  What I suggest is carving out “Me” time.  That’s when you have an non-interrupted period where you can go and dive right into them.  I try to do it at least every or every other day for 30-60 minutes.  I’ll sit out on my back patio and look out at the gorgeous scenery, maybe dip my toes in my hot tub and soak in the pleasure.

10 Tips To Make Travel Less Stressful

oye vey!

Doesn’t that go perfectly with how travel has become?  I used to toss stuff in a bag and hop on a plane.  No stress.  No worry.

Now everyone and their grandma has to deal with crap in getting from here to there.  Seriously, I saw an old old lady being pat down during my last trip.  They even wanted to confiscate her cane, saying it was a weapon. That caused quite a stir.

She ended up winning that argument.

Anyway, you’re wanting to know how to take the stress out of your travels.  Well, let me be of some assistance.

I have travelled all over the world.  And depending on the kind of travel you are embarking upon, there are some tips and tools that you’ll want to employ and some that won’t make sense.

Tip #1  Let your vacation commence as you lock your front door.  That moment you leave the house don’t walk to your car to drive to the airport.  Seriously.  Make getting to the airport easy.  If it’s just me, usually something like a Lincoln Town Car or Mercedes Sedan and if it’s my family we take something larger like an Cadillac Escalade or Limousine.  There’s nothing like letting someone else handle your bags from the get go, sit back and enjoy a ride without worrying about traffic.  And also avoiding Parking Lot C or D or E or whatever the way far away lot is that is for long term parking.

Tip #2  If you can fly first class.  DO IT!  Especially if you’re going overseas or major distances.  There’s more room, it’s better service and the chairs more often then not fold into complete beds or you are in your own pod.  Domestically it’s still great, but not quite as spectacular.  Also, when it comes to your bags, they allow a greater weight limit and the airlines that I’ve flown on don’t charge for the bags.  I do not know if that is the case with all carriers.

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Don’t Excuse Yourself 

Do you know the other phrase for “sabotaging your own future”? Making an excuse. If you want to make any kind of improvement on yourself, you have to get this monkey off your back. Because each time you do not do something about it, you will put it on someone or something. This will have you going around in circles and not really getting anywhere. But, making an excuse feels very much a part of us. If so, then how is it possible to curb this immense urge to not throw the blame on someone else and take the responsibility yourself? Well, this is what I am here for. I will coach you through it. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be free from this menace and be able to realize your full potential and live a better life.


Before tending to any problem, it is first important to realize that there is a problem. I have come across many people who blatantly deny making excuses, while continuing to make them. According to them, it is a rational argument that they are putting forward. So, the minute you think – “I did not do XYZ because….” – know that you are in the red zone.


Once you have accepted the fact that you are making excuses for activities or jobs that are beneficial for you, half the battle is won. I can speak from personal experience that this is the most difficult part. Once that is done, ask yourself what are the excuses that you make and why do you exactly make them. This will show you how these excuses are stopping you from having a better life. From getting up in the morning, to hitting the gym, you can make an excuse for anything. See, what you would have accomplished, had you not made those excuses.


There are many types of excuses. The one I used to use most frequently was that I don’t have enough time. Well, you always can make time, if you prioritize properly. That is what I have learnt. There are many other classics that include I do not have the money, the education, the energy, I am too old to change, to learn, and what not. One of the most intelligent excuses is – it is not the right time. You know what? There never will be and you know that too, but you reason with yourself into believing that there is some auspicious time to start something. Once you figure out how much of your life each of these excuses is taking away from you, you will stop making them.


To stop making excuses, it is important to cultivate certain qualities. You have to remain optimistic, confident, patient, and most importantly, persistent. Failure does not define you or gives you the free pass to run away from a similar opportunity in the future. Instead, it helps you to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can do the same job in a better way the next time.

There is really no excuse for an excuse ever. So never excuse yourself. You will improve on a variety of fronts immensely. You will find that there is so much to life. Moreover, it is an amazing feeling to have overcome a challenge, which you thought of excusing yourself from.

Feeding the Needy-What you didn’t know was possible

The myth

Restaurants cannot donate extra food at the end of the night to the homeless because it is illegal.

Where did this come about?  That’s a great question.  I know there is a fear in restaurants that has caused them to not give their leftovers away.  The fear is that if they do donate the food and someone gets ill, then they are held liable.

Now, whether or not this is something that got passed on as rumor to one day become truth, I don’t know.  I’ve worked in restaurants before and am very well aware of this.  I’ve even done my fair share of trying to get restaurants to give their extra bagels, potatoes, whatever so we could help out during the holidays.

Each and every time I received a big fat NO.

Well, why don’t you check out this article and see how the wool has been pulled over everyone’s eyes.  Read this now.

Guess what.  Don’t think I’m better either.  Up until last night, I was under the same guise as you.  I thought it was illegal.  And then I bumped into an old friend who is starting a movement.  He’s a server and the restaurant he works at has over 35 LBS of excess food thrown away every night.

That could feed a lot of people in need.  So, he told me more.  He’s starting with his restaurant and going to expand from there.

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And so begins a new adventure of this new site!

I welcome you to my new blog site, Quran Tutors Online.  May you get everything you want from here.

I want you to know that, a) I know nothing of the Quran & b) I’m not a tutor.  C)  I am online, thus this is a blog.

A friend and I had a bet and I lost.  Thus my blog is on this site and she got the cool name.  Which I won’t tell you, because I’m vindictive…no I’m not.  But also, we’re going to have some fun here and that being the case, why would I send you off to visit a subpar, mediocre and childish blog? 

This image is purposefully large to make a point!  I win.  She loses.  And that’s not what she thinks.  See, I read her blog and she’s gabbing away about boys and her dating issues.  Ummmm, it’s basically a rant.  And yes, this may seem pointed that way, but it’s not.  I’m highlighting how this will be much more then you think.  See, I will talk about what is going to make you more successful in life.  Not just in your job, but in YOU and who YOU are.  I’ve spent a good amount of time working on me.  To be the best me I can be.  God gave us the framework and it’s up to us to fill it out.

Where do you want to go?

That’s the question I ask myself all the time.  It pretty much is a good one to ask no matter what the situation.  Because if you really answer it honestly, you’ll get to exactly where you are intending.  It may not be where you thought, but you’ll might just travel on the path of integrity and enlightenment.  And no, this isn’t going to be some light in the winds blog either.

I just believe we lend ourselves to the lowest common denominator and that needs to change.  So, blog that shall not be named can whine about boys and we can get into how we can make ourselves the best person we can be.

So until next time, think about one random act of kindness that you can do for someone else.  That they might not even know about.  You’ll come back a better…even if it’s slightly…person.

Come back tomorrow and you’ll get some more sensational information.